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Transparent Windows, good or bad?

If you know what Litestep is, chances are you have seen those screen shots where some of the windows are transparent. Now that Windows2000 comes standard with that feature everyone can have their own transparent windows: transparent taskbar, Netscape, ICQ, you-name-it-we-can-do-it. Is this really a good thing? I don't want to look at my desktop while I am editing my homework. I don't want a chaotic desktop. Then again, I wrote the first transparent plug-in for Winamp. What can I say... :) It's cool.
Note:Chime in folks. Transparent (yes, there'll always be overhead), or plain-old overlaid windows? Do you need that Winamp transparency plugin? Grab it here


Draconpern's project is nice for making winamp automatically transparent. Want to play with making everything transparent? There are several programs around that will do it, but I just found a really simple one that does a nifty job of it. Check it out here.