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Knowledge transfer in Computer Science, Grade F.

Computer Science as a field really needs to get organized. There is lots of research and information discovery that happens everyday, but that knowledge is not being transfered properly. Many of papers written are hard to understand and even harder to code.
For example, there are several papers written on the 'Realistic Animation of Liquids', i.e. water, etc. The paper describes equations with incorrect mathmatical expressions, unmatched variable names, and overly simplified explainations. Other problems include neglecting to mention important equations and their permutations. Why should Computer Scientists accept this? As a contrast, the medical community will not even look at such a shody work, not even considerable for publishing. Incomplete details in their field means certain death, and no doctor wants to take that chance. Do you want your doctor to operate on you while he experiments on the proper technique? I think not. So why do we accept 'published papers' that only describes half of an algorithm? The researchers may have discovered the meaning of life, but by publishing an incomplete answer, they are getting people's hope up, and wasting other people's time.


Those who can do... those who cant teach.

...and those who cant teach, teach gym