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April 25, 2001

Nostalgia can be fun!

So, just recently I was going through some old e-mail from an online sevice (or, er, here's the wayback machine link, since the original seems to have stopped responding) I was an active member of many, many years ago.

As I was reading through my old e-mail, some of which, as the true packrat and information sludge collector that I am, I will probably eventually be displaying on this site. In the process, I came across the first couple of messages which, were the preamble to a "normal" pen-and-paper penpal exchange. Yes, it did work backwards - I met someone online, and corresponded with them via snail-mail. Whatever. This was all very long ago.

Anyway, when I was reading through the e-mail, I got the great idea that I should see if I could get back in contact with my penpal, as it had been quite a few years since we'd been in touch. Fortunately for me, she has a relatively uncommon first name, and so I was actually able to find her fairly quickly.

The coolest thing, I think, was that, when I wrote her, she said she'd tried to look me up about a year ago!

Moral of the story? I dunno. I guess that you shouldn't forget about friends, no matter how long-lost they are. True, not everyone remembers friendships in the same way, nor are all of your old friends going to necessarily be interested in resuming the lines of communication. But if, just possibly, they are willing.... it'd be a true shame not to have looked them up. The world's too small a place, and our lives are too short, to overlook what great happiness comes of having friends.

April 23, 2001

"What? You... a geek?"

The American mind has been convinced that you are a geek by your outward apperence, I say, "Poo on you" to those people. I only recently was faced with the reality that no one except geeks really understand what it is all about. Note:(More follows)

Recently I was playing with the idea of making a t-shirt for some of my friends that was a geek pride t-shirt. Well, when I showed my mom my design, she quickly responded, "What? You... a geek?" Was I really that hard to pin?

Yes, I am usually dressed in very hip preppy clothes (a la khakis and shirts from the Gap, Bananna Republic, or A|X) and I find myself performing on any stage I can find. All of these things are not in the American psyche as being "geeky". After my mom had said those words, I was on a mission. I just had to show her what was already there. I went into my room and came back in with an arm full of things (NOTE: These are just a portion of the things I have!). I showed her my programming reference books, my Linux books, my ASP and PHP books, and my networking books. I brought out my entire collection of Monty Python movies and the entire DVD box set of the Flying Circus. I asked her what she thought I would be doing on my perfect Friday or Saturday night. Would it be hanging out at parties? Was it hitting on girls? No... she said, "You would go sit in front of your computer, eating pizza, and drinking Mountain Dew."

She then furrowed her brow and looked at me... "You are a geek." A smile spread accross my face. She still couldn't understand why I was proud of that. She didn't get it.

Uhhh... these normal people.

Anyhow, I don't know what the solution is, but we kind of need to redefine who we are. Oh yeah, dude maybe we should tweek the geek definition to this: "geek - One who enjoys the thrill of learning"... its really more true. You see I'm still geeking when I'm reading literature... those of us that are technophiles would have been book geeks (or are) before there are computers. The quest really is for knowledge and computers provide an oppertunity to learn and stimulate us intellecutally more than any other medium.

Its not really that important, but it is just something that I think is actually more of a misconception.

April 14, 2001

Doesn't that suck?

Has it really been so long since I've posted? I was working on one, but then I made the mistake of browsing to one of my bastard friends websites. Don't go there if you're running IE, really.

Anyway, my life's crazy. I've been doing 40-60 hour weeks, most of it programming or problem sets, for about the last 3. It's nuts. But, it's drawing closer and closer to a conclusion. And, the relocation people are keeping me busy. Something like a call a day I get from various folks. Whoopee. More when I'm not dead tired...

Woah, it's like, professional!

Ok, no, this site didn't suddenly become more professional. It's just now being hosted with a professional hosting company. What does that mean to you? Well, it shouldn't mean much. But, in effect, it means that this lovely site will still be here through my coming move, and the turbulent network time beyond.

The biggest question is if the hosting company considers this to be too much of a drain on their resources. Their definition would have to be pretty strict - most of the pages here are generated very quickly. Even on my non-Zend optimized machine I was previously running the site from, a page load barely touched CPU or processor. We shall see. It's certainly not a disk thrasher, but it still might be considered "too much". Adjustments will follow, as necessary.