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Hooo ahhh!

Isn't life great?

Or, well, if not life in general (don't get me wrong, I think it's pretty great, but that's not my topic here), finishing up with parts of life. In my case, I've justed finished up with 5 years of college. Over 1/5th of my life, right here at Washington University in St. Louis

So, what have I learned? Lots of stuff. But, that's what you're supposed to learn from coursework. There have been plenty of other lessons, that are, perhaps, better learned by the college student weaning him or herself slowly off of the dependence on "home", and slowly into an "adult" lifestyle.

Some notable parallel lessons from school:

  • Always keep track of friends. Thank goodness for e-mail!
  • If you're not careful, you'll find out you learn more by the process than the particulars.
  • Always do your work. No matter how much you want to just let your grade recover. You learn more by trying and failing, than not trying at all.
  • Deadlines can always be bent. But, remember that, according to Physics, you're either weakening the internal structure, or you're transferring potential energy to another part of the system. This applies to the learning process, too.

Anyway, I turned in my last assignment for this part (will there be others? Who can say?) of my Washington University career Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, around midnight. If none of my profs make a last minute decision to fail me, I'm done with my MS. I'd finished my BS requirements a year ago. In a week, I do some marching, and come away with some hard-earned (and quite expensive!) degrees. A mere 3 weeks after that I start my new job, and new life.

Not that this is such a sad time. I'll miss the midwest, and many of my friends here. But, I miss my friends from high school too - and I still see them. Life goes on, though, and now it's time for my life to go on.

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