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August 12, 2001

Cars, furniture, settling in

Wow. I've sort of gotten caught up in things. I should really be more attentive to my website, right? Tricky to integrate it into your daily life, when you've never had reason to before. I may be a computer geek, but that doesn't mean that when I'm tinkering with computers I always think to sit down and document it. Hopefully it'll occure to me more often soon.

So, with that said, I'll just hilight the most recent stuff, and figure on filling in more when I (*cough* *cough*) start making more regular updates...

The biggest thing is that I just bought a car. It's my first time buying a completely new car, and it's pretty scary. Yeah, I've got a job where paying the payments is no biggy right now. Heck, if I buckled down, I could pay the car off really really quickly. But what if, heaven forbid, my job disappeared next month? Yegods.

The car is a black 2001 Mazda Protege ES 2.0. Basically, it's tricked out with almost all of the packages that they stick on to make the fancy version of the car - ABS, sunroof, CD player. Other than that, it's just the nice car it's reputation holds. Consumer Reports had liked it best in the compact car category for the last several years. It lost to Civic this year, but, hey, the Civic's a good car too. It's just less comfortable for me to sit in.

So, that's it, it's done. I brought it home last night. Now it's a "used" car. Isn't the market fun? The thing still has double-digit miles (I'll take care of that little detail right away, don't you worry...), but it's value has dropped by multiple thousands of dollars. Sheesh.

Even besides car shopping, life lately has been pretty hectic. Rich, my roommate, got here finally two weeks ago, while I was at the wedding of Krystal and Eric in St. Louis. Since then, we've spent every weekend day and several evenings searching around for furniture, planning our home layout (which, being the geeks we are, includes not only what furniture, but how to hide the computer pieces in the house so no one notices them unless they want to use them), and generally "settling in". I thought I'd been doing that in the previous month and a half I was here - no so. This is easily a factor of 2 more busy. But, it's paying off. This past week, we've managed to acquire a set of stereo equipment with a rack, a TV stand, then a Panasonic 27" TV, a PlayStation 2, a nice comfy couch, a reclining easy chair, and 5 chairs for the dining room table. Rich also got some bookshelves and a really cool desk, and he's still looking to replace his futon with a "proper" bed. Whatever. I like my futon.

It looks like we're almost done "settling in", though. It'll be nice to start thinking of other stuff to do with the weekends. Bike treks somewhere. Hiking in the hills. Perhaps even wine tastings in some of the nearby wine country.