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December 04, 2002

And the sun'll come out, tomorrow.....

So, it turns out, sometimes you just need a nice long holiday weekend, and a virtual kick in the pants.

I feel way better about things now. It's been months in coming. Yet, while I'm sure I'm not totally done yet, I'm going to allow this as a sort of victory. The start of December really seems to be bringing a new level of comfort with the day-to-day. For some reason, things don't seem too bad anymore. The New Year is coming soon, and, though only one Rain has passed, it feels to me like Mother Nature is just about to start the new season.

California definitely has a fun seasonal process. The hills, which dry out all summer, turn green this time of year. It's almost like Spring starts in this area with the onset of what is Winter elsewhere. I like it. And the timing couldn't be better.

Another thing that's really nice, is the return of an old friend. This internet radio station had, at one point, been deeply tied to my emotional feelings about my ex girlfriend. It went silent, because of federal music licensing regulations, early in the relationship. I sort of mourned it, at the time. So, it's fitting then, that as I come out of mourning for love lost, it, an old friend and a former emotional consort, should return. Bring on the Groove Salad, in this season of renewal and new growth!