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June 18, 2003

Can you believe things were this bad?

Today's PotD is from the height of the recent oil pricing concern, taken on 3/17/03. Yes, gasoline was really this expensive in California. Of course, I paid $1.919 for gas this morning, but that's besides the point.
Gas for $2.29, $2.39, and $2.43
(Yes, all of those prices are still phenomenal)

June 16, 2003

Tahoe is Beautiful

A view from cabin #5
This picture was taken in March, from a resort looking over Caples Lake, near Kirkwood, California.

June 11, 2003

My, how the time flies!

I noticed at lunch today that the date was June 11, 2003. As it might not surprise any of you, that's two years since June 11, 2001.

Who cares? Well, no biggy... but it's been two years since I started working at PARC, or, well, Xerox PARC, but we've been a changin' lately, and now we're just plain PARC.

I wonder where I will be two years from now?

Oh, and, as a humourus side note, I guess I'm now being properly recognized by Wired magazine, see Ken's writeup

June 09, 2003

Once in a Century....

Well, maybe not. There's a variety of huge cactus that lives in this region which supposedly only blooms for about a week every century. One such plant is blooming at Stanford right now. The stalk which shoots out is really tall.

Image of a large cactus
Here's a shot of the plant
Another image of a large cactus, with J standing in front
Here's another, for scale
The leaves toward the bottom come up to just about shoulder height. The stalk is easily over 30 feet tall.

A quick web search shows that the cactus is called Agave Parryi

Electric powered commuting anyone?

Seems like, living in California, sooner or later you start to think about all of the various environmental problems we're so attuned to here. My latest one has been quick/environmentally friendly commuting.

I haven't finished doing my research, but there are several useful sites around. A great starting place is: Electric bikes

There are getting to be more options in this space. Specifically, my favorite of the bunch is the ego-2, more of an electric moped than anything. $0.10/charge, they say, and, with after-market 36v batteries, even a big guy like myself should be able to take it up to 30mph. That's quite a decent commute time.

Geekdom more popular than my wildest dreams!

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June 02, 2003

More personality testing....

I guess this is a popular thing these days, since everyone keeps sending me links. This one is from Amanda's blog. Check out your score

Myself, I'm 42.60355% - a Major Geek

In the spirit of personality tests....

Oh, how embarrassing! Jed sent me this one, and the results are:
Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?


Changing my last answer (especially after seeing the first result), changed my categorization to Mac OS X. :)

Blogging, and bad language patterns....

Yikes. Looking back on my fledging start at blogging, it seems as if the language structure "So, ...." is a little too popular way for me to start an entry.

D'oh. Gotta' be more varied in my language structure. Think blogging will be a good way to track changes in my(/the world's) grammatical structure and slang changes? You bet!

So, you think Silicon Valley is well connected?

Right, so, I just moved. I now live ~150 feet from Stanford Research SRI, .1 miles from the downtown center of Menlo Park, and yet I'm too far away to get more than 384Kbps/128Kbps DSL. And you can't even get Cable Modem here.

Why should this be happening in the middle of Silicon Valley? Sad.