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July 30, 2003

eGo, day 3

More on interested people:

3) Little old lady at Trader Joe's: She asked me extensively about how it works, what it costs (... eGo's cost less than a lot of gas scooters. Check out the going rate for Vespa's on eBay, for instance), it's range, etc. Then she proceeded to watch from the curb as I pulled away from Trader Joes, into the road.

July 29, 2003

eGo, day 2

Comments on the eGo: It's heavy. You can read the specs for yourself, and it does sound heavy. But picking it up is definitely something to avoid. Not the kind of vehicle you can just throw in a closet someplace. If you're going to stick it somewhere, it's going to need to roll over a smooth surface to get where it's going.

I suppose I should say that, technically, what I bought was an eGo 2.

Coming soon: A costs breakdown. It's not clearcut, but, unlike some of my friends have been suggesting, this might well be a good move financially, at least in sunny California, where it doesn't rain for months on end.

July 28, 2003

eGo, day 1

So, my eGo arrived today. It's quite a thing.

I plan to begin counting how many people comment on it, and ask for more information.

1) This one was a classic - I was riding along in Menlo Park, getting a feel for it. At top speed (~24 mph), a guy rides along next to me, with his window open, and asks me what I'm riding, and where he can get it.

2) J's friend Julie, as I rode up to J's place to show my eGo to her.

A few gripes on the whole experience, though.

July 11 - Original order placed. Since it didn't ship right away, I e-mailed the company (I ordered direct from the manufacturer) to find out what was up.

July 15th - They shipped most of my eGo stuff, at my request. I ordered a tow trailer, which they are currently out of stock on. It will ship separately.

July 22nd - I call to figure out where it is. I'd be told that I should receive a shipping confirmation and tracking order by 48 hours after shipping. 7 business days should have done it. The answer is that it had left without full paperwork with the shipper, Seko, a US Freightways affiliate. I called them to find out what was up, and was promised a 10am-2pm delivery the next day.

July 23rd - Stay home until 2pm. Call Seko to find out what's up. The package had missed its delivery, and they'd called to tell me... but had my number wrong. The new due date is Monday.

July 24th - I write eGo to express my dissatisfaction. It has now been two weeks since the order was placed, and still no eGo. Pretty sorry for coming from a warehouse in Rhode Island. The eGo people check into it, find that the Seko folks screwed up. I actually get a call of apology from a manager at Seko that morning. He says it'll for sure be delivered Monday.

July 28th - The next promised delivery date. This time, I call. At 10:50 in the morning, I get told that it'll hit the delivery window of 10am-2pm again. So, I wait. At around 2pm, I get a call, telling me that the truck is running late, and asking if a later delivery was possible. I say "Sure", but can you target a specific time. The response is "Sure, how about 5pm-6pm". I thought that'd be great, since it would give me a chance to go to the DMV. I'm even given (and accept) the option to be called before the delivery, so I can make sure I'll be home. At 2:45pm, I leave for the DMV. At 3:55pm, I'm returning home - to find that the driveway is blocked, completely, by a delivery truck. Turns out it was them. My roommate had just returned from his 10 day trip, and was fortunately there to accept delivery. But, common people - you miss two delivery windows, and then you show up early after promising a time window and a call? Give me a break.

Plus, the eGo box was broken on one side. My eGo is a little scratched, and some of the parts were falling out. It looks like nothing is missing, but gosh darnit if it isn't frustrating to be treated this way. This was a nontrivial purchase, and I'm sure the shipping company got a reasonable take. What gives? 17 days from order to delivery? Considering the age we live in, and that I bought it from their Internet website, you'd really hope things would've gone better. Or at least they'd've built some snappy interface to tell me where the eGo was the whole time, to keep my content, rather than building up frustration and resentment. Not to mention almost a day and a half of work missed, for little obvious reason.

Oh well. More eGo stories coming. I plan to commute with it tomorrow, laptop, Ultimate clothes, and all. Demos at lunch? You better believe it!

July 19, 2003

Catching up....

Ok, I'll face it, I'll never actually catch up. But, hey, it's been a busy month.

Between June 21st and July 4th, I saw 3 weddings, requiring an eventual total of 8 flights, including 4 overlays. Ugh.

When I got back, I spent most of the week catching up. The following Monday, a project I worked on a year ago got hit by the slashdot effect. Here's a couple of the logs from PARC during the onslought:

The PARC external website traffic log. It's limited to 10Mb/s, so, yes, it was maxed out most of the day

This is a different PARC network segment, where the download server. We processed more downloads for Popout Prism that day than by several times than the project had ever experienced prior, in more than a year.

Click through and look at the other two graphs in the image gallery to see how much this kind of traffic is out of character (the other two images are weekly graphs, taken at the same time).

Interested in learning about Popout Prism? Check out the project information page.