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September 25, 2003

eGo news catchup

Lots of history to catch up on:

On Labor Day, after apparently fixing my eGo's tire again, the rear tire blew while I was taking a test trip. Turns out, I had damaged the bead on the inside of the tire when I replaced it a few weeks before, and it was shredding tubes. *sigh*

I hurt my shoulder, got plenty of road rash, and broke a few of the attachments to the eGo (specifically, destroyed the bell, seem to have loosened a few other things on the handle bars, bent the front fender, and bent/broke the screw holding the headlight on, though the headlight is ok). Turns out, I damaged a ligament in my rotator cup, so I've been slowly regaining vertical reaching power in my shoulder since then. I'm due for my first Physical Therapy appointment today, actually.

In fixing things up, I stuck on a speedometer, as well as replacing the bell with a similar piece. I'm still looking for a screw to fix the headlight with, though.

During all of this, I was somewhat concerned about J's interest in an eGo, which had been growing. In the end, she decided to order one anyway, since the numbers were pretty compelling. eGo offers a 30-day "trial", which she is planning to deploy.

J's experience with ordering the eGo went a lot better than mine. She ordered her's last Monday, September 15th, and received it a scant 8 business days later, on September 24th, just a teensy bit under 2 months since mine got here. Her's is red, and new, and unscuffed, making me fairly jealous. But, since she doesn't have insurance yet, she can't ride it anywhere.... so, at least there's that. More on her first experiences and her own early reactions to being seen experimenting with the bike in a future posting.

eGo, day 9 addition

Whoops, forgot to post this a long time ago. Here's the addendum to eGo, day 9

7) At Ultimate, an onlooker asked me about the bike. I gave her the normal response. Amanda, also looking on (Yayh, Amanda made it out to Ultimate, though didn't play...) remarked that I was definitely going to have to blog the incident. Well, yeah.

September 12, 2003

Liquid lunch anyone?


September 10, 2003

Anyone know the origins of "Men are Circles", "Women are Triangles"?

This has been an occasional topic of discussion. Does anyone know anything about the origin of the standard symbol usage where "men" or "male" is triangular, and "women" or "female" circular? Here are some bathroom signs as an example:

Men in a triangleWomen in a circle

Please, comment if you know the origins of this symbology.

September 09, 2003

Enter the moblog!

I'm sure to be cross-posting moblog entries here at PotD, but, for the raw stream, check out the moblog here.

The setup? Sony Ericsson T68 (with t68i firmware), and a MCA-25, graciously purchased from eBay for $22.

I hacked up some aliases, and registered at MfOP2. So, from picture to moblog takes about 20 button pushes (that's little, if anyone's ever tried to send e-mail from a Sony Ericsson phone...). Of course, since I only have the cheap non-GPRS data service, it takes about 3 minutes to send an image-attached e-mail. But, it works!