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December 16, 2003

Automatic notes to web?

Besides just writing directly to a weblog, I've been experimenting with various ways to ease the "collection" to "sharing" stage of learning.

Most people who've seen me in a work setting know that for the last two years, I've pretty much taking notes directly into a laptop or palmtop. But, it's still hard to share those notes.... mostly because they need reformatting or better editing to make themselves useful widely.

Poor man's way out? Circus Ponies Notebook, web export, WebDav, and a conveniently mapped view into the DAV space. Unfortunately, Circus Ponies doesn't seem to have a stable page reference between exports, so I still can't easily link to content exported this way. Feature request in the works....

Why are so many useful features so hard to get at by users who don't know how to/have access to standalone internet hosts. With the current convergence toward NATing home networks, even stuff like the easy web sharing in Mac OS X don't really get us anywhere.

Great local artist!

Update (years later): StreeLava is dead. Links updated I've mentioned her to a few of you, but I figured I'd finally blog about Ama, so's you all can go off and sample her music.

Even better, I get to play with this site that has a good model for how to do fan/promotion of artists in a post RIAA-world. Well, maybe RIAA-receeding, but, whatever. Check out StreetLava

Here again is the link to Ama's site, via StreetLava's referral system. My favorite track by her right now has even been getting some play on such venerable local radio stations as 97.7 Alice - it's called Live. Check it out on the clips page here, or ask me for an iPod preview the next time you see me.

The RSS revolution!

Well, I don't know whether or not all the hype (like this eWeek article) is warranted, but RSS is cool, and I'm finally make the last few steps to use it in my own web workflow.

Maybe it'll even get me to post more.

I set up NewNewsWire Lite today, and, I admit it, it does make it a lot easier to stay "on top" of things, without having to scan as much text with, you know, my own eyes.

Not that I plan to move away from my cushy Mac OS X environment, but what are the favorite readers amongst you all out there? I'd kind of like to see if I'm missing anything valuable in functionality.

December 03, 2003

Digital IQ test

It's his fault, Ken started it.

212? Shouldn't I be able to score higher than that? Alright, well, some of their questions actual reward the wrong way, and I've never written a virus, so...