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More on the wiki...

I guess that last entry was too abbreviated.

For those of you who don't know what a Wiki is, see the totally appropriate WikiPedia definition of what a Wiki is.

For anyone who tried, my personal Wiki isn't supposed to be unviewable, just only editable by me. Hopefully, the next release of this software will address that limitation of how the main page advertises the resident wikis. In the meantime, you can browse, read-only, the content here.

One of the reasons to play in this space, although hard to do with the mix-match of problems with the setup I have at the moment (hard to control collaboration, no obvious view-only URL, no actual purpose for the wiki, etc.) is that it not only supports Markdown for an easier-than-even-normal Wiki experience, but it also supports RSS feeds (even for authenticated wikis), to help foster collaboration in these days of RSS-as-primary-notification medium. Well, for geeks like me it's those days, at least.

It's also really easy for me to add a closed or open space for anyone who'd like to have something they can “own” a little more themselves. Just ask.

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