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Mood: Sad, disappointed.

That's how I feel after yesterday. Those dang early exit polls had me all charged up for a happy result.

My faith in America is somewhat lessened. But, then again, it was a really darn close election, and the division lies along the same lines it did the last time. Kerry just wasn't a good enough candidate to swing voters (and/or the slacker 20-something crowd was too lazy to show up...), and Bush was too busy passing the buck.

Ugh. 4 more years of a president who refuses to critically analyze, acknowledge his mistakes, or take any kind of responsibility. And those are the better parts of his character....

My home state of Ohio really let me down, though. Voting Bush is one thing - it was pretty close, and they've voted Bush in the past. But, come on, has anyone read the awful, blatantly discriminatory new anti-Gay law?

I successfully kept my dinner down, but I still feel ill....

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