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A better fuel usage chart for the Piaggio Typhoon...

Ok, so, that last one was pretty poor. This one's a little bit of an improvement, and there's more data.

Note that the average is still the most important number for fuel usage. The individual points are calculated assuming that (miles per gallon) = (miles travelled since last fillup)/(amount dispensed to “fill” the tank). Unfortunately, for such a small tank, the accuracy of the “complete fillup” action is pretty suspect. Heck, at the amount of gas I'm putting in, I wouldn't be surprised if there's actually a lot of error in the amount reported from the pump.

Anyway, here's the graph: Piaggio Typhoon Mileage Apr 25 2005

Take note of the units. The build of this chart will have to be adjusted as the “Cumulative Saved” eventually goes above $100.

And, no, this is not a totally fair chart. I'm not counting any of the macro maintenance of the vehicles. Costs might come out somewhat closer then, as the Typhoon uses oil, and, at least locally, such oil is exorbitantly expensive.

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