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Fun with gas....

So, having now put gas into my Typhoon 16 times, I have a small rant to express, another of the problems of gas scooters that never occur (the same way) with electric.

Gas scooters get decent gas mileage vs. cars, yes. But they still burn gas. The 2005 Piaggio Typhoon has about a 1.5 gallon tank. It starts showing the “fuel” light, and “E” on the fuel guage when it's burned about .9 gallons of gas, maybe even sooner. This is probably not such a bad idea, given that you can only go another ~30-50 miles on the remaining gas, and that's been the typical “safe warning” distance I've seen cars use in the past. Though there should be effectively another 1/2 gallon of gas left, the gauge rapidly gets to the extreme of “E”, so you need to fill up right away or you have no further way to tell you're going to go dry.

All of this is fine, although, riding it as heavily as I do (~930 miles in 2.0 months), that means getting gas a lot. And here I get to my rant:

Gas stations, as a rule, don't do well dispensing small quantities of gas. Further, many of them have elaborate anti-spill mechanisms that are tuned to car fill-ups, but fairly wrong for teency scooter capacities.

What this means is that I'm always fighting the system. Twice now, I've lost big time - slightly overfilling. This is a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad thing. I'll leave it at that. Also bad is the couple of times that I've had troubles getting the pump to work at all, presumably because of the difference in vapor/pressure/fuel depth for my small tank. Last night was the worst, dispensing only a half gallon of the necessary ~gallon. I just couldn't get more to pump. If this were the norm, doubling how often I need to get gas, it would be an entirely unworkable situation.

Meanwhile, Joy smugly comments that there'd be no such troubles if I'd bought another electric bike. And, she's right. Once you get over the hump of having power at wherever you park your bike (a far-from-trivial problem if you live in an apartment complex), you won't have to worry about it. You “fill up” anytime you're home, and your scooter always has a “full tank” when you head out.

I may end up getting a gas can, which has even more trade-offs, but would at least avoid the many trips to gas stations for small bits of gas.... but storing gas on your own premises is even less desirable, if it's even within the terms of my rental agreement. sigh

Look for an upcoming post on “Piaggio 1k day”. Took about 8 months for the eGO, which will never make it to its 2k day, so almost 4x as many miles are going on the Piaggio per unit time, on average. More commentary then, but you can guess what I'm going to say (besides apologizing to the environment for the increased point-source emissions!)

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