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June 22, 2005

Worst... UI trick.. EVAR!

Just browsing around looking at alternate-energy transit. Ran across this site, and got tripped up on this page, which, ostensibly shows a bunch of examples of fun technology. Actually, it’s a great example of a really cruddy UI trick.

So many things wrong here, but I’ll give a quick list.

  • Nothing visually cues you to the fact that this is anything other than a normal header/link list, until you try using it. * Things move way too fast.
  • Unlike the normal “move your mouse to where you see the target you want to click” motif, this system rushes the link to your mouse. Of course, the speed of such a move is dependent on the number of items. Under the “vehicles” tab, that motion is very fast, making it difficult to click on anything. On the “gadgets” tab, it actually zooms the links away from your mouse.
  • The behavior of the scrolling is different depending on whether you’re mousing over, mousing around under the list, or mousing around above the links. In two of the cases, the mouse tracks, in the third, there’s no motion at all until the mouse enters the box. Try, for instance, choosing a link when your mouse starts above the list of links.
  • The way it’s implemented, there’s no way to do deep linking. There’s a lot of content there, but it’s very difficult to send to anyone else, without a half paragraph of explanation of what to click on, when, and where.

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June 20, 2005

Piaggio 1k Day

After a much shorter time, I've reached the Piaggio's 1k point. In fact, while the eGO took 8 months to reach 1000 miles, and, under my ownership, will never reach 2k.

Actually, I reached it on May 25th, but I haven't had a free moment to put up a post about it. I guess I'll abbreviate my commentary, so here's a summary of the experience so far:

  • A scooter designed to be used in real-world situations holds up a lot better than the eGO. No problems with flats, or bits wearing out that shouldn't.
  • On the other hand, it's got a small tank, and you have to stop by the gas station from time to time. Where the intermediary time isn't long enough, IMO.
  • On the other other hand, you can make arbitrary trips, without worrying about getting stuck someplace, because you went out further than you can return, without waiting many hours to recharge. Electrics still have to overcome this problem, somehow.
  • I also got a 2-stroke engine, something I'm largely regretting. Hopefully, alternate/hybrid engines for scooters, and/or just a small and safe short-range commuter vehicle will come along.

I consistently get 60 mpg, though, but that might not seem like much, compared to Joy's fuel efficiency. It is a lot of fun to ride, especially given the reduced need to “fix” it all the time, compared to the stupid eGO.

So far, so good. I'm actually up to ~1250 at this point. Still a blast to ride!

Piaggio Typhoon 1k Day

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June 13, 2005

JoeJob, part... ARGH!

Wow. The last couple of these were annoying, but kind of got over themselves fast enough to leave me not feeling the need to urgently fix stuff.

Another one started 10am Saturday morning. And continues. The first 48 hours resulted in about 7000 messages that didn't otherwise get lost from processing.

I have now implemented recipient verification, in my own custom-should-be-fine way. But, probably not. If you get a bounce message when writing any of my addresses, comment here, and I'll fix it up. In any case, JoeJob related bounce messages will not longer be occupying dozens of megs of space in my inbox. *sigh*