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January 27, 2006

Looks like my longbet idea has support...

Way back in 2003, I postulated that it would eventually be possible to cheaply get one's entire genome sequence. Looks like XPrize, who already succeeded in encouraging a low-cost civilian space race, is now considering pushing for the same thing to happen in the gene sequencing field. Hopefully, someone will succeed by 2013, so I can prove Joy wrong...

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January 26, 2006

Life imitates art....

It has begun. It wasn't enough merely to visualize a superhero who had both every gadget imaginable, but, more importantly, enough pockets to stash them all in (sadly, life really does imitate art). Apparently, it wasn't enough that people already jokingly suggest GG plotlines as if he weren't actually fictional, and not just inspired by me. Today, the process of acquiring such super-human attributes for myself has begun.

Today is my 2^5-2^2, er, 3^3+3^0, er, 28th birthday, and I got a black Scott eVest Classic Vest 4.0. I'm still only figuring out where all of the multitude of hidden features are, but I hope to report back soon on how well it carries the multitudes of gadgets I normally have with me. So far, so good, so very very good.

Today is also Piaggio 2x day - the day that the number of miles I've ridden on my Piaggio Typhoon passes twice the number of miles I managed to ride on my eGO cycle before it completely fell apart. I got there much faster, too - the eGO lasted almost a year and a half, but was broken down (and range-restricted) often enough that it didn't really serve as a replacement for my car. Meanwhile, the Piaggio has taken over almost all of my commuting. So, in a little over 10 months, I've replaced more than 3600 miles of travel with the Typhoon, saving 84 gallons, a more than 3/4 of a ton of CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, the eGO website has barely changed in that time. I guess I wasn't the only one with problems with their product.

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January 24, 2006

Introducing... Nya Jade!

Regular readers to my blog will remember I've blogged about a great local artist Joy and I often go see. Well, she's re-launched herself as Nya Jade. And, in the meantime, she's also recorded a video (with some very familiar backdrops, for Bay Area locals), started a label, and built a spiffy new website.

She has a bunch of concert dates in February in SF... anyone interested in going out to see her?

(note: edited since original posting...)

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January 13, 2006

Must drop everything, and draw Batgirl... meme

Joy saw this out of control Batgirl meme, and couldn't help herself. Here's Joy's take on Batgirl:

She's really hoping Halle Berry doesn't see this, and get any more of her brilliant ideas of how to remake once-cool super heroines.