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February 22, 2006

Digital camera opinions?

I'm looking to upgrade my digital camera... there are a few events coming up wherein I might wish to have a nicer camera, and my Canon PS40 is getting a little long in the tooth anyway.

After having read some blog buzz article about how popular the Panasonic Lumix line is, I've been watching. They just came out with a new Lumix, the FZ7, which appears to fit right into the middle of my desires.

Here's what I like about it:

  • Modest price for a 6mp that has huge optical zoom and good low-light/non-tripod characteristics.
  • Appears to have some lens options, at least, based on an eBay auction I found which listed alternatives. It's not as high-end as they go, but I don't think I'm to that level yet anyway.
  • Previous models get rave reviews.

So, since there are several folks out there who'll read this who know a lot more about the market than I do, I'm asking for feedback. Is this a bad idea? Should I get something smaller and lighter instead?

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February 16, 2006

Gizmo wants to ring you everywhere....

The GizmoProject has started offering a service that might sound very familiar. Called Area775, it lets mere mortals have one-number service. Sounds well conceived - free to try, but you pay $2.00 per answer if you don't pick it up on your softphone. Otherwise, you can pay a fairly modest monthly fee and use it as much as you want. I wonder if they change outgoing GizmoOut calls to use the CID value for your one-number?

I agree with Stuart at Skypjournal, though, $2.00 is too much to experiment with such a feature on a single-pickup, just-want-to-try-it-out basis. Maybe they should offer like 1 or 2 free pickups per month, or, better, adopt the SkypeOut/Forward model of a few cents per minute.

As far as I can tell, though, there's no magic with Bluetooth presence, nor do they solve the single-number SMS problem that I've also mentioned is a concern. But, it's a "big company" offering the service, which means folks who don't have the skills or time to run their own asterisk server can finally start having some one-number service, for a very modest $3.95/month. Hrm, I wonder if I can hook this up to my existing system, using a Sipphone registration on my asterisk box to avoid paying them for pickup? We'll see.

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February 14, 2006

Blog facelift.....

I've finally updated this blog to MT 3.2 templates. It should mean that lots of the weird-isms in interacting or viewing my site have gotten better. The main reason to do it was to get it working with co.comment, which it does now appear to be working with.

Of course, with a re-tooling, I had to futz around with a lot of things. My pages are pretty generic now, and my Google Adsense ad placement needs work. sigh