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April 27, 2006

At CHI 2006....

With a stream of notes (from, you know, the actual content) to come. For now, a few comments on the experience:

  • Montreal is nice, but, still a step down from spending a week in the Bay Area. Fortunately, CHI 2007 is in San Jose.
  • Virtually every attendee has a laptop. There's a wireless (but apparently no wired) network throughout the conference. Needless to say, it hasn't quite hit the scale/reliability you'd hope for. Hopefully this will post when I hit “send”.
  • Likewise, its ammusing to see the number of people huddled near outlets in hallways and in sessions. I can't wait until laptops can run on fuel cells.... maybe future conferences will even provide a fuel ration?
  • Does cellphone roaming to Canada need to cost so much? Sheesh.
  • Alright, who pulled the fire alarm during the 3 or so simultaneous hosted events? Folks had to evacuate from the Google party just after the iPod drawing winners, but before the lucky folks had even gotten to collect their prizes.

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