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June 16, 2006

Nya Jade - My Denial (in stores now!)

Joy and I picked up a copy of My Denial a few months ago at a show - but, Nya Jade's new album is in stores now. For friends of mine who I've been hounding to check her music out, I'll point out that you can preview the album on her site, including the One Pill video... or, download it from iTunes (although, I suspect she might prefer if you bought the album in CD form than if you bought it entirely through iTunes - it's in Borders, Tower and Best Buy, nationwide...).

For those coming to our ever-nearer nuptials, know that there's a chance you might also win a copy there (... we tried to get her to come and perform, but she's too busy becoming a star to have time for such things). We've secured a few copies to share with our friends and loved ones on our own happy occasion.

Do I like the album? It's smooth, tuned, and very engaging. But, judge for yourselves... and let me know if anyone who reads this becomes a new fan, too.

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