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So... close!

Well, my scooter is sitting just shy of 5000 miles. Tomorrow would have been(/might still be) Piaggio 5k day.

However, something's wrong. So, I got to walk this route home tonight (astute readers will notice that it ends not at my home - I managed to get the thing to start again within view of my block, but short of it). Only 1.4 miles... except, pushing a 200lb scooter. sigh

All the same, 5000 miles in 19 months is a lot of diverted car miles.

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Hey....can you email me the website we were talking about at brunch forever ago. The company that calculates how much you pollute and then you donate for enviromental projects. I forget the name of it.

Thanks Tonya

Sure thing. Check your e-mail (I think it was terrapass.com)

Could you tell me some info about your Typhoon? I am wondering how fast it goes, also if it can carry 2 people from time to time (I think I see passenger flip-out pegs in the pictures). I am thinking about getting one. Debating between this and a Honda Metro (which supposedly get much better mileage?). Also how fast does it go? Thanks.

It tops out at maybe as high as 45.... but, that's pushing it. You can realistically hit 30+ quickly, 35+ moderately quickly (cars will be going faster than you from a stop), and 40+ eventually. On a steep enough hill, you might not make it past 30.

Mileage is consistently close to 60mpg. Bigger/cleaner engines tend to do better... A friend has the Metropolitan. It gets better mileage, but has a little less power/speed. It's also a teency bit smaller, but, enough so to be too small for me, but, I'm a big guy.

Yes, two people can ride on it. Your acceleration is severely affected by this - so, it's a last-resort, or plan-a-special route option. But, it can, certainly, be done.

Thanks for the reply! I live in a very suburban area where most speed limits are 25, some 35 so I think it will work out well for me.


You'd be fine with most well-made scooters, given that most will hit that range. Do you live in a state with moped laws? In CA, there's an advantage to lesser-powered (often, because of a limiter) scooters that classify as mopeds, because you can ride in the bike lane.

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