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November 09, 2006

Going out on a limb - ways to reach me.

Well, since I constantly play with new VoIP and other services, people often complain that it's hard to reach me. To further complicate this, I'm going to publicly post a new set of contact info.

E-mail: mb85uugv@boxbe.com
Phone: (650) 963-4822

Those of you who know me know that neither of those are contact info I've given out before. Why am I willing to post this publicly to my blog? Well, as a sort of experiment. The e-mail address is from boxbe.com, which has the nifty model of offering mail forwarding if:
1. The sender is pre-authorized -or-
2. The sender passes a captcha -or-
3. The sender pays to have the message delivered.

Neat, eh? Want to reach my inbox? Know me, prove you're a human (and willing to spend the time), or pay me for the right for me to see your message.

The phone number is my GrandCentral number. They seem pretty well funded, so, let's hope this one will last for a while. It's local for my Bay Area friends. It actually does reach me anywhere, at least, with a far higher probability than my own experiments. And, if you start spam-calling me, they have at least some facilities to let me block the call.

I guess we'll see how well it works to publish working but some intermediated contact info. And, for those of you who can't keep up with my contact info - give these methods a try if you want to try to find me.

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Testing blogmailr

This is just a test post to see how well http://blogmailr.com/ works. More
posting will continue when I have more free time....

Update: Seems to work ok. Maybe a bit <br> happy.