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Piaggio update

Just a quick status on the ongoing scooter saga:

Last August my scooter stopped operating. The method and previous circumstances of the failure had me mistakenly believing that the scooter had run dry on oil, and would probably have required an expensive repair. The decision was made to delay the repair until a later date.

Well, in August, we finally had it in for repairs. Since we suspected the dealer was at fault for our incorrectly pre-diagnosed failure, we arranged for some help (thanks pqbon!) trucking the scooter up to an independent scooter dealer that looked like it would be more responsible. In the end, the repair ended up being fairly inexpensive, if odd (the vacuum hose into the carburetor had mysteriously hardened and cracked).

Another day I'll have to describe the fun of figuring out a route from San Francisco to Mountain View on a vehicle only really appropriate for roads with speed limits 35mph or below. Suffice to say, that was interesting, and took far too long to figure out. Fortunately, Google had recently launched the “Add a destination...” feature for Google Maps.

Meanwhile, I've been keeping my more recent mileage stats in a Google Spreadsheet. Since they've finally released a graphing feature, it's time to take another stab at graphing my mileage:

(click for larger view)

Unfortunately, the Google spreadsheet graphing doesn't yet support a time axis. Thus the seemingly unneeded “Miles/day” display. Alas, my InfoVis-fu is still underdeveloped. Pay special notice to the point where miles/day appears to drop to 0... it's actually only .15, representing the pathetic number of scooter miles I rode between August and April.

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