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Why I'm going to miss California...

When I first met Joy she’d clipped a weekly weather forecast from the newspaper, and posted it to her door in her graduate student housing. The clip had been up for several years when I met her, but the irony still stood true: the forecast bent over backward to use varied euphemisms for “it’ll be sunny most of the day”, and, the forecast was correct about 80-90% of the time.

As I started contemplating the big change that was coming, I started peaking at the weather a little more often than I had. Sure enough, even the online electronic forecasts have this problem. Here are two clippings from weather.com across the last two months:

sigh I’m going to miss the Bay Area.

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You sure will be welcome to come back and visit us as often as you like. I think the key is surviving the lack of ethnic food in pitt.

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