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November 14, 2007

Brokenness in Leopard iCal

It used to be possible to re-publish calendars using iCal - merely create a new "group", subscribe to some calendars, and then "publish" the group.

It appears that the new iCal in Leopard can only publish groups from the "Calendars" section, and subscribed calendars are in their own section. Groups in Subscribed calendars cannot be Published using the context menu nor the menubar menu. Yet, during my upgrade, some of my (subscriptions-only) calendar groups survived, and are still republishing. Anyone know how I can start publishing new groups of calendars in the new iCal?

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November 08, 2007

DNA Files

For anyone who's been wondering what Joy's been up to for much of the last year, check out the Exploratorium's "The DNA Files" site. Download, print, and enjoy! (Special kudos to those who order the prescribed bioplastic cups/spoons/towels/straws/etc. from the recommended sources...)