March 23, 2006


I guess that new Red America blog was too controversial.

Now, really, should a newspaper's online services ever be hosted somewhere with a quota that can be exceeded? Yikes, folks.

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July 30, 2005

Links from dinner...

First of all, here's the absurd super hero show from the 80s.

Then, there's the SB E-mail as background information for the SB E-mail that Joy quoted.

Update: Oh, right, the color perception demo I mentioned.

That is all.

October 07, 2004


Well, I am kind of looking forward to the Trey Parker/Matt Stone movie, Team America: World Police, coming out soon, now with merely an R rating, but, sheesh, their quiz is harsh:

July 03, 2001

The Future of Computers

I don't consider myself a computer geek. I can never remember the difference between the two different types of memory and gosh darnit, I still call the tower a hard drive case. But none the less, I've used computers a lot longer than most of the non-computer geeks out there. Note:A humourous diversion into computer past and future....

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