June 16, 2006

Nya Jade - My Denial (in stores now!)

Joy and I picked up a copy of My Denial a few months ago at a show - but, Nya Jade's new album is in stores now. For friends of mine who I've been hounding to check her music out, I'll point out that you can preview the album on her site, including the One Pill video... or, download it from iTunes (although, I suspect she might prefer if you bought the album in CD form than if you bought it entirely through iTunes - it's in Borders, Tower and Best Buy, nationwide...).

For those coming to our ever-nearer nuptials, know that there's a chance you might also win a copy there (... we tried to get her to come and perform, but she's too busy becoming a star to have time for such things). We've secured a few copies to share with our friends and loved ones on our own happy occasion.

Do I like the album? It's smooth, tuned, and very engaging. But, judge for yourselves... and let me know if anyone who reads this becomes a new fan, too.

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April 27, 2006

At CHI 2006....

With a stream of notes (from, you know, the actual content) to come. For now, a few comments on the experience:

  • Montreal is nice, but, still a step down from spending a week in the Bay Area. Fortunately, CHI 2007 is in San Jose.
  • Virtually every attendee has a laptop. There's a wireless (but apparently no wired) network throughout the conference. Needless to say, it hasn't quite hit the scale/reliability you'd hope for. Hopefully this will post when I hit “send”.
  • Likewise, its ammusing to see the number of people huddled near outlets in hallways and in sessions. I can't wait until laptops can run on fuel cells.... maybe future conferences will even provide a fuel ration?
  • Does cellphone roaming to Canada need to cost so much? Sheesh.
  • Alright, who pulled the fire alarm during the 3 or so simultaneous hosted events? Folks had to evacuate from the Google party just after the iPod drawing winners, but before the lucky folks had even gotten to collect their prizes.

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January 24, 2006

Introducing... Nya Jade!

Regular readers to my blog will remember I've blogged about a great local artist Joy and I often go see. Well, she's re-launched herself as Nya Jade. And, in the meantime, she's also recorded a video (with some very familiar backdrops, for Bay Area locals), started a label, and built a spiffy new website.

She has a bunch of concert dates in February in SF... anyone interested in going out to see her?

(note: edited since original posting...)

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January 13, 2006

Must drop everything, and draw Batgirl... meme

Joy saw this out of control Batgirl meme, and couldn't help herself. Here's Joy's take on Batgirl:

She's really hoping Halle Berry doesn't see this, and get any more of her brilliant ideas of how to remake once-cool super heroines.

July 31, 2005

ICE, just in case....

If you haven't seen this yet, check it out. Add an entry to your mobile's directory, called “ICE”, so that, well, In Case of Emergency, a professional can quickly know how to reach those that you'd like to know.

(via Steve's Tech Journal, and, indirectly, my brother)


July 30, 2005

Links from dinner...

First of all, here's the absurd super hero show from the 80s.

Then, there's the SB E-mail as background information for the SB E-mail that Joy quoted.

Update: Oh, right, the color perception demo I mentioned.

That is all.

March 26, 2004

Emerging artists

Heck, my blog readership may not be very high, but if I really pretend to believe that the RIAA is wrong in their assumption that the "old" media format will continue to work, I have to help contribute to the new way of things.

Ama - Revel So, I've previously mentioned one local artist I'm a big fan of. meta even went to see Ama with me last Friday - perhaps she'll post a comment or trackback of what she thought.

Beth Waters - Beth Waters Anyway, another artist I've become a fan of is Beth Waters, who I found mostly because of her album release on iTMS. I only bought a few of her tracks, but so far they fit my collection well... her bio points out her sound as being a combination of Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. I'd say that's about right. Very moody and melodic. I hope she goes far. The tracks I bought from iTMS are Sweaters, Spun Sugar, and the questionably named Slut Song. I also grabbed Philosophy from her website... I wasn't as impressed with this song.

Oh, hey, on a related note - anyone want to check out her show on Wednesday, the 31st?

February 24, 2004

Free Ama concert this Thursday @ Stanford

For those of you who are local, and wanted to check out that artist I mentioned
before, Ama has a concert this Thursday night @10pm at the Stanford Coffee House

Anyone want to meet me there?

January 30, 2004

What moving away from the midwest will do for you.....

Besides the obvious opportunity to, you know, see stuff, getting out of the midwest opens up a lot of opportunities for us middle-class or less types.

Prior to job seeking, and ultimately moving out to California, my "visited states" map was much more polar:

Now, after living here for a while, and a ton of weddings last summer, it's more like this:

create your own visited states map

Alright, well, it'd be much more drastic if I did it county-by-county, or number of visits to each, or something. Outside of the intersection of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and the two satellite cities I'd visited a lot (Chicago, and St. Louis), all of the rest of the states were touched mostly at borders.

Thanks to kwc for the link

December 16, 2003

Great local artist!

Update (years later): StreeLava is dead. Links updated I've mentioned her to a few of you, but I figured I'd finally blog about Ama, so's you all can go off and sample her music.

Even better, I get to play with this site that has a good model for how to do fan/promotion of artists in a post RIAA-world. Well, maybe RIAA-receeding, but, whatever. Check out StreetLava

Here again is the link to Ama's site, via StreetLava's referral system. My favorite track by her right now has even been getting some play on such venerable local radio stations as 97.7 Alice - it's called Live. Check it out on the clips page here, or ask me for an iPod preview the next time you see me.