June 04, 2007

CHI Wikipedia research

Just filling in this earlier post, part 1. We're pretty excited about our first set of Wikipedia research coming out in CHI 2007. See the related blog post on the Augmented Social Cognition blog.

In essence, we presented a paper with a model and findings about conflict and coordination costs in Wikipedia at the global, article and user level. My contribution to this work was mostly in getting the analysis to work: we spared no expense analyzing a complete dump of the English Wikipedia (though the paper is based on a dump from July of 2006). Thanks to the excellent Hadoop MapReduce system for making that possible. Hadoop was considerably more immature when we started the project, it is rapidly turning into a very powerful tool for large-scale data processing. Nothing quite like computing the revision-to-revision difference of every edit publicly available for Wikipedia in 4 hours or so, eh?

Keep your browsers tuned to the ASC blog for future results in this space.

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March 01, 2004

Research Cultures discussion

We had another sort of ExPARC re-union today, this time consisting of all people who once worked in my group, ASD.

I think the most interesting thing is how larger companies, operating as larger companies (or, in the case of SRI, acting solely as a research company), actually can do research and integrate it into the product cycle.

If anyone has more to say on this topic, or more resources, let me know. Notably absent from the discussion of major player research cultures now is Microsoft. None of ASD has gone on to Microsoft yet, but perhaps someone reading this has something to say.

Here are my notes.

February 24, 2004

ExPARC researcher returns for a culture discussion

I think I remember seeing a talk he gave (probably a Forum) at PARC in 2002, but Dan Russell returned today to talk for the ISTL weekly lab meeting.

Here is a link to the notes

January 28, 2004

Amazon needs a historical archive of "Purchase Circles"

I was just cleaning out an old system, and ran across a bookmark to the purchase circle for Xerox PARC, where I work (only we call it just plain "PARC" now).

Here's the link

I wish I had a historical view of this. I'm pretty sure when I first made this bookmark, it was a more interesting selection of stuff, more related to PARC's strengths. Now it's kind of humorous - either more of us have personal stuff shipped to PARC than we once did, or we've just caught up to the normal, pedestrian, everyday pop-culture norms. I do find it amusing that A Round-Heeled Woman : My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance is at the top of the "uniquely best selling" list.

April 03, 2002

Senseless self-aggrandizement

Anyone out there interested in information extraction, better searching, or useful tools to help human computer interaction? Well, check out Popout Prism, a demo of a technology I've been working with during my work at the Palo Alto Research Center.